Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Going Bananas

Turdus m. merula - Junior
A little more than a week ago we saw Junior for the first time with its mother and father. It was fed by its mother with little pieces of pear and apple, that we had thrown out onto a raised  bed close to our breakfast table on the patio. The next day we saw in our kitchen that somebody had picked a hole in one of our bananas. We suspected our local robin, but came to the conclusion that the damage was too big for such a little one. We put the banana out on the favoured spot of the blackbird family and, shortly after, we witnessed the whole family devour it within an hour. This morning we saw Junior on its own looking around for food. We had one banana left which we put it out for our young adolescent, as you can see on the photograph below. 


                                                  Photographs © Hans van den Bos

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